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About Standard Lenders

Standard Lenders is a full-service mortgage and real estate brokerage with a primary focus on reverse mortgage loans. As the best reverse mortgage lender in California, we offer quality service with a personalized touch.

David Kay

Broker & CEO

Exceptional Customer Care

David kay founded the company on the principle that clients’ needs always come first. With his experience as a reverse mortgage broker in California, David Kay recognized the value of relationships in the business and wanted to bring the human element back into the industry.
His value on transparency shines through making education and clear communication the company’s top priority. A relationship with standard lenders is the start of a lifetime support system. Standard Lenders will continually monitor the market for you and keep you updated on changes in the housing market that could affect you and your finances.

Clear and Direct Communication

Standard Lenders is a reverse mortgage company in California that conveniently consults with clientele over the phone, by mail/email, and in the comfort of our clients’ homes. Connect with us however you prefer and no matter your circumstances, and we will work with you the way you want every step of the way.

Our Mission:

At Standard Lenders Inc., our mission is to empower seniors by simplifying the complexities of reverse mortgages. With unwavering honesty and unparalleled speed, we are dedicated to providing a transparent and supportive experience. We commit to guiding our clients through every step of the process, ensuring they make informed decisions that enhance their financial well-being. At the heart of our mission is a genuine desire to demystify reverse mortgages, making them accessible and stress-free for all seniors.

Our Vision:

Standard Lenders Inc. envisions a future where seniors confidently navigate their financial landscapes. We aspire to be the benchmark of integrity and efficiency in the lending industry, setting a standard for transparent communication, rapid service, and personalized guidance. Our vision is to foster financial empowerment and security for seniors through a trusted and compassionate partnership. With David Kay at the helm, we strive to redefine the reverse mortgage experience, making it a positive and enriching journey for every client.

Quote From David Kay

“Working in the reverse mortgage industry has been a truly fulfilling experience. I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many incredible seniors and helping them achieve financial freedom and security in their golden years. It’s an honor to be a part of their journey and to make a positive impact on their lives.”

Mike Vaccaro

Chief Loan Officer

“Helping seniors achieve financial security and independence through reverse mortgages is not just my job, it’s my passion. I’m honored to be a part of this industry and to make a positive impact on people’s lives every day.”

Teresa Banuelos


“I’m dedicated to providing expert processing and personalized solutions to help Standard Lenders clients close their loans as efficiently as possible.”

Howard Ma

Marketing Director

“Integrity is the compass that guides me as a marketing director, leading to authenticity, trust, and meaningful connections with both customers and colleagues.”

Alexis Bolanos

Business Development

“I take great pleasure in educating and guiding seniors over the phone. For me, there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing seniors gain the peace of mind and security that comes with a successful retirement, and I am honored to play a part in that process.”

Customer Reviews

“Thank you so much David for your help. I spent a lot of time worrying about my home due because my last broker did not properly explain everything. You made the whole process so quick and easy for me and my son. He and I both appreciate how much you cared for us. The whole process was easy and I had a very relaxed time. You have my permission to use this testimony, thank you and God bless you David”

Ester Johnson

“Thank You for being so professional and trusting. You answered all my questions and made me feel as I was your only client. I will differently recommend you to anyone I run across needing help in the field. Sincerely Willard Acrey and Daniel O’Shea.”

Willard Acrey

“I wanted to convey my sincere appreciation for the extraordinary effort he made to assist me with qualifying for a reverse mortgage. We started the process this past January after which time he walked me through each step via phone calls and email. During our communications, he always maintained a professional and informative demeanor. He is a conscientious listener who addresses questions and concerns with expedient responses derived from his in-depth professional experience with the business and from inquiries with other professional staff as needed. His responses have always been prompt, specific and positive. We closed 2 months after the start point which resulted with benefits above my expectations. In the past I have done inquiries with several reverse mortgage brokers and find David to be top-of-the line. Thank you for having such a personable and knowledgeable colleague. You have my permission to use my feedback as needed to encourage other interested clients.”

Vivian Malloy

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