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(Last Updated On: August 9, 2023)

How A Reverse Mortgage Can Help You Buy A Home

While many retirees have little desire to leave their homes, others may be excited to create new memories somewhere else. The nest is empty, there may be too many stairs, and it may just be time to start a new chapter. A smaller, cozier, and age-appropriate home may seem appealing to many retirees. Let’s take a look at how you can buy a home with a reverse mortgage and how doing this can benefit you.

The HECM for Purchase

Established in 1988, The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) for Purchase was created specifically for the benefit of seniors. This reverse mortgage allows persons aged 62 and over to purchase a new principal residence using cash gained for their reverse mortgage.

Most people are not able to buy a home in cash and that’s why mortgages exist. However, a traditional mortgage is usually only accessible to persons within a certain age group. If you’re a retiree and you want to purchase a new home, buying a home with a reverse mortgage may be the most feasible way to do it.

Two Birds, One Stone

Using a reverse mortgage to purchase a new home will allow you to accomplish two goals with one transaction – attain a more fitting principal residence and a reverse mortgage all in one go. This process also helps you to save money because you only pay one set of closing costs. Closing costs can definitely add up to be a hefty expense at the end of the day. Complete two business transactions, for the price of one with a HECM for Purchase.

How Does it Work?

Buying a home with a reverse mortgage takes a few simple steps, let’s take a look at them below:

The Benefits of a reverse mortgage

If we do decide to dig deep into the conversation then it is immensely important to understand why reverse mortgage is not a bad option to opt for :


  1. *An add-on source of Income*: One of the main reasons we suggest that a reverse mortgage is something worth trying is because it is kind of an appendix to the income you are currently surviving on! Providing homeowners, especially when they tend to be  aged 62 or older, with a source of supplemental income, is something that people should be aware of. Retirees with limited income streams certainly value such offers.


  1. *The reason why it is reverse *: One of the main perks that you tend to enjoy with  a reverse mortgage is that you are not demanded to make monthly mortgage payments. On the contrary, with the passing time  the loan balance accumulates and adds up which ultimately is repaid whenever the last borrower leaves the home or dies for that matter. This is nothing but a relief from all the loads on those old shoulders. An extra edge of a reverse mortgage is that you get to stay at your house without having to worry that they are going to close before time just because you missed a payment.


  1. *Smooth payment*: Apart from the pretty fact that you get to keep your house, there are a plethora of options at your hand of how exactly you want the payment method or style to be! Depending on the program and lender, you get to choose from different disbursement options, whether it is a lump-sum payment, monthly payments, a line of credit, or merely a combination. Such a service by your side and the financial management process becomes way more easy!


So long story short,  a reverse mortgage does prove itself worthy of getting aligned with your long-term financial goals and needs.

The Benefits

For some retirees, the biggest benefit of buying a home with a reverse mortgage is being able to completely avoid monthly mortgage payments, unlike a traditional mortgage. Using a reverse mortgage to purchase a new home is great for senior borrowers who have a fixed income but would like to attain a new home.