A reverse mortgage loan provides people aged 62 and older with an opportunity to borrow against their home equity for cash flow.

Home Equity

Home Value

Mortgage Debt

With a reverse mortgage, homeowners can gain financial independence and improve their quality of life by paying off debt/medical bills and affording their monthly living expenses.

How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work in California?

Reverse Mortgage Benefits

  • No monthly payments
  • Tax-free cash/growing line of credit
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Insured by the U.S. Government

Reverse Mortgage Drawbacks

  • May not qualify for need-based programs (i.e. SSI, MediCal/Medicaid)
  • May lower or eliminate your home equity

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    Reverse Mortgage Requirements in California

    See What You are Eligible For

    If you believe you meet the eligibility requirements above, applying for a reverse mortgage loan may be a smart option to gain financial independence and comfortably afford your monthly expenses. Request a free reverse mortgage quote and get a quick response!