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Reverse Mortage Los Angeles

Reverse Mortgage Lenders Los Angeles

Standard Lenders is proud to be a Local Reverse Mortgage Broker connecting you with the nation’s biggest lenders. Our home is in Northridge and we are glad to be able to assist local Los Angeles homeowners in their reverse mortgage.

Standard Lenders started originating loans in CA in 2017 and we aim to live up to our name, we aim to set the standard for quality service in the reverse mortgage industry.

As a company, we are committed to being the best broker for you. Through our connection to the biggest reverse mortgage lenders in the country, we are among the uniquely qualified to find you the best rates.

With our connection to the biggest and best Reverse Mortgage Lenders, we offer a wide variety of HECM programs, including Jumbo Reverse Mortgages to best suit homeowners in SoCal who have higher value homes over the national 2022 lending limit of $970,800.

Please give us a chance to show you how we can beat your best offer, no questions asked, in order to get you the best deal for your home!

Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Broker Los Angeles

If you are a homeowner in SoCal who fits these descriptions and you’re interested in using a reverse mortgage to supplement your retirement, you might want to consider a jumbo reverse mortgage product. These products allow you to access a much greater portion of your home equity compared to a regular FHA reverse mortgage loan. 

Standard Lenders is currently partnered with HUD Approved Lenders such as American Advisor’s Group(AAG), Longbridge Financial, Nationwide Equities Corporation, Reverse Mortgage Funding, and more partners to come. The HECM or Home Equity Conversion Mortgage is HUD’s acronym for their reverse mortgage loan.

Standard Lenders originates in LA Los Angeles and help borrowers who are looking to either refinance their existing mortgage loan, in which case the borrower already owns their home and are looking to either pay off their existing loan in order to have no more monthly mortgage payment or utilize their equity for other purposes such as a growing line of credit if they have no existing loan.

About Standard Lenders

Standard Lenders is a full-service mortgage and real estate brokerage with a focus on reverse mortgages. As the best reverse mortgage broker in California, we offer quality service with a personalized touch.

Exceptional Customer Care

In 2017, David Kay founded the company on the principle that the customers’ needs come first. With his experience as a broker with reverse mortgage companies Los Angeles, David Kay recognized the value of relationships in the business and wanted to bring the human element back into the industry.

We value transparency and make education and clear communication our priorities. A deal with Standard Lenders is the start of a lifetime partnership with the best reverse mortgage lender in Los Angeles. We will continually monitor the market for you and keep you updated on changes in the housing industry that could affect you and your finances.

Los Angeles Lending Limits

Everybody knows that Los Angeles is the second largest city in the world for a reason. We are the home to showbiz and sunny beaches people dream of visiting. That’s why we have the highest home values in America.

Los Angeles is also one of the most diverse cities in the United States with residents from all over the world calling the City of Angels their home. Of the nearly 4 million people living in the city, roughly 10% are adults age 65 and older, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Almost over 100,000 homeowners currently living in the City of Los Angeles are age 62 and older, the youngest age at which a person can be eligible to obtain an FHA reverse mortgage loan. We also offer products for seniors starting from age 55 in select areas. Many of these older homeowners have already done their research and begun using reverse mortgages to support their retirement needs.

The median home price in Los Angeles is over $600,000, according to the Zillow Home Value Index. Prices in the city have increased over 8% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will continue to rise within the next year.

While many homes in Los Angeles may be worth more than this median value, if your home has been appraised for more than the current HUD/FHA lending limit of $970,800, you may still be able to tap into your home equity with the help of a Jumbo reverse mortgage.

Reverse mortgages might not be the perfect solution for every homeowner, but depending on your particular situation, a HECM could be something that will drastically affect your life and make your retirement comfortable.

If you live in Los Angeles, Standard Lenders is here to answer your questions.

How can we offer you the best deals possible?

We are among the best mortgage brokers in LA Los Angeles CA.

We are partnered with the nation’s biggest reverse mortgage lenders in Los Angeles CA approved by FHA (Federal Housing Administration). With this partnership, we can shop around for YOU in order to get you the best deal possible.

Although we are a full-functioning Brokerage, Reverse mortgage is our passion and love. We are dedicated to our catchphrase of setting the standard in quality service, and our staff share in our beliefs.

We Charge Less! Whenever possible, we DON’T charge origination fees. We want to give you the best deal possible, and we mean that. If we can avoid charging origination fees, we will.