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Using A Reverse Mortgage to Purchase a Home

Purchasing a home with a reverse mortgage is a simple process, to qualify, you simple need to be age 62 or over and have enough savings to pay the necessary down payment on the home. The down payment requirement with a Reverse Mortgage for purchase will be dependent on your age and the value of the home you’re trying to purchase. Once completed you can move in and immediately be in a Reverse Mortgage. Like other reverse mortgages, reverse mortgages for purchase loans do not require monthly payments, but you will still need to meet the other regular requirements for a reverse mortgage*.

*Borrower is still responsible to pay property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and home maintenance costs.

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    **This does not deem qualification. Programs, rates, and fees subject to change.

    Exceptions to Purchases with Reverse Mortgages

    Not every home is eligible to be purchased with reverse mortgages, and not every potential purchaser will qualify for this type of loan program. Some co-op units and manufactured homes have various reasons for ineligibility. Borrowers have to commit to living in the home as a principal residence and keep the home in good condition while paying property taxes and other related expenses on time or else forfeit eligibility.

    If you’re unsure whether your potential purchase with a reverse mortgage falls under one of these exceptions, Standard Lenders is here to help you make a plan to fit your individual circumstances.

    Down Payment Requirements

    An important aspect of how to purchase with reverse mortgage money concerns the requirements for down payments. These requirements are set by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rather than coming from the state of California or from Standard Lenders, but we can help you to understand them so you know how you can best qualify.

    Down Payment Calculation

    Generally, the down payment is based on current interest rates, the age of the youngest borrower, and the sales price for the home purchased with reverse mortgage money. If the sales price is beyond the maximum lending limit, which is currently $822,375, that limit will be used for the metric instead. This helpful chart will provide an overview of what numbers to expect.

    HECM Purchase Down Payment by Age

    Sales Price
    AgeDown Payment Down Payment Down Payment Down Payment Down Payment
    62$154,496.49$203,601.49 $252,601.49$301,601.49 $350,601.49
    65$148,901.49$196,001.49$243,101.49$290,201.49 $337,301.49
    70 $138,701.49 $182,401.49$226,101.49 $269,801.49$313,501.49
    75$129,401.49$170,001.49 $210,601.49 $251,201.49$291,801.49
    80$118,601.49 $155,601.49 $192,601.49 $229,601.49$266,601.49
    85$105,401.49$138,001.49 $170,601.49$203,201.49 $235,801.49
    90$91,601.49 $119,601.49 $147,601.49$175,601.49$203,601.49

    Down Payment Sources

    There are a variety of sources for down payments that can be used to purchase a home with a reverse mortgage. Down payment sources include cash on hand, such as from savings or 401ks, proceeds from the sale of a home, and gifts from family. If these numbers and requirements feel overwhelming, please reach out to Standard Lenders. You don’t have to do this alone.

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